Fellowship Program

May 2024 - May 2025

The 2024 application period has ended, but we look forward to your application in early 2025.

Program Announcement

The California Academy of Appellate Lawyers is proud to announce its first-ever Fellowship Program. The first Fellowship year will run from May 2024 to May 2025.

Program Description

Fellows will be invited to participate in the Academy’s educational and social programs, including one-day meetings in the fall in San Francisco and in the winter in Burbank/Pasadena, and a spring weekend conference in southern California. The Academy’s educational programming includes appellate-specific MCLE seminars, typically with appellate justices and judges, and sometimes relevant industry leaders, as participants. The Academy’s social programming includes an informal lunch before each meeting, and a dinner outing after each meeting attended by our judicial guests and other panel participants. Fellows will also be welcome to participate on most Academy committees and task forces. Through the Fellowship Program, the Academy hopes to enrich the professional experience of early-career appellate lawyers.

Eligibility and Considerations

The Academy will consider the following qualifications in selecting participants in the Fellowship Program:

  1. Good character and professional reputation,
  2. Appellate ability, and
  3. A continuing commitment to quality appellate practice.

An applicant must have been a member of the California bar in good standing for at least 3 years, and must spend a substantial amount of time on appellate work in a typical year.

The Academy will review all applications, and may request additional documents or other supporting information from applicants. Final selection of fellows for the 2024-2025 term will occur by early May 2024, with applicants notified by email. The Academy may select up to four fellows for the 2024-2025 term.

Required Documents (Word or PDF)

The documents required to apply are:

  1. Resume;
  2. Cover letter, including an explanation of the applicant’s experience in appellate law and a statement on why the applicant would like to be an Academy fellow;
  3. A writing sample; and
  4. A list of references (no more than two) with permission to contact and/or a letter of recommendation.


Any questions on the Fellowship Program or application process can be directed to Judy Posner at judy@benedonserlin.com.

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